Graphic designer based in Lon­don, UK. Re­cent works inclu­de: ⟪The Advan­tages of Being a Woman Gra­phic Desi­gner⟫, contri­bution for the 29th Brno Bie­nnial 2020, publi­shed in the iss­ue №386 of IDEA Maga­zine (JP), cu­ra­ted by Åbä­ke, So­fie De­de­ren, Radim Peš­ko and Mado­ka Ni­shi, exhi­bited at the group show WM­DY­WTL? at Frans Mase­reel Cen­trum (Kas­ter­lee, BE). ⟪Fi­gures of Speech⟫, a colla­bo­ration with Vir­gil Ab­loh & OK-RM, publi­shed by Pres­tel on the occas­ion of his show at MCA (Chi­cago, USA). Poster and titles for ⟪Last Night I Saw You Smil­ing⟫, a do­cu­men­tary mo­vie direc­ted by Kavi­ch Neang and pro­duced by Anti-Archi­ve and Apsa­ra Films, about the demoli­tion of the White Build­ing (Phnom Penh, CM). ⟪2008–2028: Vein­te Años de Despacio⟫, a bi­llin­gual (EN/SP) publi­cation desi­gned with Åbäke, edi­ted by Jens Hoff­mann and publi­shed by Dent-de-Leone and Des­pa­cio (San José, CR), docu­ment­ing the first ten years of acti­vity of Costa Ri­can ga­llery Despa­cio and look­ing ah­ead to a hypo­the­tical de­cade of new possi­bili­ties. Feel free to con­tact me for any ques­tion or request.