Alyssia Lou Design & Art Direction
Chinoko Sakamoto
Unearth 002
Unearth 002 is the second volume of the Unearth series, hence the 002, a collection of books exploring the practice and processes of artists working with ceramics, published by Chose Commune and aato gallery. Chinoko Sakamoto's use of different textures, from rough and raw to glossy and smooth, is reflected throughout the book with the use of different paper stocks.

The book starts and ends with a subtle shimmer white paper, also placed at every 6 pages of the book, which nods to the artist's glazed sculptures, and alternates with the overall uncoated paper. The artworks inside are connected through formal relationship, creating bridges between the sculptures themselves.

To purchase, please go to Chose Commune.
17×24 cm, 68pp
ISBN 979-10-96383-35-1
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